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  • Tom created an article,

    How do I unlock different battle modes?

    Battle modes are not available right away and need to be unlocked by playing matches in League mode to reach the required level. Each battle mode unlocks at the following levels: •Count Up is unloc...

  • Tom created an article,

    Do I keep my Golden Throws if I close the game?

    Yes, we'll save any throws you have remaining for the next time you open the game. You'll also have the exact same targets on the board.

  • Tom created an article,

    Can I receive the same prize in Golden Throw more than once?

    Each Golden Throw prize can only be won once. Once a prize has been collected its ring is eliminated. If an outer prize ring is present it will then fill the void.    

  • Tom created an article,

    Which darts are used for Lucky and Golden Throw?

    The darts used for Lucky Throw and Golden Throw have the same stats to ensure the best accuracy.These stats are as follows: Speed = 70Stability = 100Slimness = 70

  • Tom created an article,

    What happens when players draw?

    If both players have the exact same score at the end of the final round you'll enter Sudden Death mode. In this mode you'll have to hit as close to the center of the board as possible, closest play...

  • Tom created an article,

    What are the rules of Halve It?

    Halve It is our special weekend event that requires you to be accurate all over the board, not just the highest scoring targets. There are 6 rounds, in each round a random target is selected. This ...

  • Tom created an article,

    Where can I find Friends VS?

    You just need to tap "Let's play darts", scroll to the right and select 'Friends VS'. It's the third option. 

  • Tom created an article,

    What are the rules of Count Up?

    Count Up is super easy to learn and a lot of fun. The rules are simple, score higher than 300 with the fewest number of darts. Both players get the exact same amount of darts, no matter who starts ...

  • Tom created an article,

    What is XP? What does it do?

    XP stands for Experience Points and, as the name suggests, is a measure of how experienced you are. XP determines your level and your level determines what league you are in. Winning league matches...

  • Tom created an article,

    What is Lucky Throw?

    Lucky Throw is your chance to win free coins or gems every day. There are four targets to aim for with the most central target giving the best reward. To play simply throw a single dart at one of t...